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The family is growing!  First, we have a new Beast.  The Fluff Muff has gone to doggie heaven and now Luna Bear, a.k.a. The Beast, entertains us, delights us, frustrates us, licks and bites us.  And yes, I have become a "we."  Well, I am still me, and he is still himself.  As a whole we're a we, but individually we're still me's. 

The Beast

The guy Krista didn't think could exist

Oh yes.. I have family!  Well, I have an immediate family which consists of my parents and 1 older brother.  And then there is the slighty extended family which would include my brother's wife and their daughter.  And then there is the rest of the family which includes lots of aunts and uncles, on both sides, and a myriad number of cousins.  

Let's start with the basics:  

Clockwise from the top left:  My father, my uncle, my aunt, my uncle, and my uncle from my father's side of the family. 

From left to right:  My mother, my uncle, uncle, uncle, uncle, aunt, grandfather, uncle, aunt, aunt, uncle, and aunt from my mother's side of the family.
I guess that wasn't so basic.  These are all my father and mother's siblings (except for my grandfather),  The spouses which would be more aunts and uncles were not included in these two pictures.  Note, I know their names, I just can't spell any of them. 

The basic family unit:

photo de famille copy.jpg (87393 bytes)



My father Viet, mother Phuong, Myself, and my brother Anh on his wedding day.

My Father, Myself, and Mother in September 2002

Beyond the basic family unit:

My cousin Thao.  We are 1st cousins, not a couple.  We are not going to have grandchildren together.  To all of you who saw us that day, I repeat, I am not his girlfriend nor will I ever be. 

My Mother, myself, my aunt Hanh, and her daughter Thuy-Anh (yes, that makes her my cousin.)

Christmas 2003.  Sitting in the lap of Thuy-Anh.  We actually keep in touch on a regular basis with letters, yes, real letters sent through a post office with stamps and everything. 
My niece Maya, almost 3 years old.  She is my brother's daughter.  My mother says she looks just like he did when he was younger.  Hopefully he didn't look that good in pink.  

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