Until I can get fully organized, here are a few photos of some of my friends...I'll add more current pictures I promise. 

The Birthday Brunch.  (Krista, Scott, Chris, & Tim).  7-11-1999

Speak See Hear No Evil?  (Tim & Thomas)  7-14-1999

Mai Tai

Krista & the fluff thing.  2-26-2000 At Nava with Jennifer for New Year's Eve 2001 In Seattle with Tim 7-17-2001
Alright so Thao is my cousin and therefore technically  family not just friend.  Maybe not even a friend since it looks like I want to strangle him.  10-13-01 Assorted Bridesmaids For that Thing called a Wedding -> Krista & Scott's Wedding Williamsburg  6-29-2002


DJ Nelson Torres August 2002 Michael & Mauro - Pool BBQ Kings - June 2003 Fluff Muff August 2003
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Isabelle & Jim 10-24-2003 Manuel Patino 10-24-2003 [insert your description here]

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