If I were a good cook, or any kind of cook, I would have my favorite recipes here.  I could tell you what I like to eat.  This way, you could all practice the recipes and then invite me over for a nice dinner.  Actually, I used to have some meaningful and/or entertaining anecdotes on here.  There were instances of salt on bare skin, raindrops on parted lips.  But then I thought to myself that it wasn't such a good idea to share these stories with everyone.  After all, I am still a dating girl.  In lieu of these, I am open to suggestions.  Feel free to write me (and bring me chocolates - I do prefer the champagne truffles, very yummy.)

Disclosure: For all comments, email me at All contents and photographs are mine and mine only. Criticism will not be accepted Further details about stories may or may not be provided. Ask at your own risk. This is a work in progress. If you don't like it, tough, leave. Got it? Good.