Roadtrip!!!!  OK, so it's not exactly my favorite thing to do.  I chose to accompany Jim on his 17 hour commute from Atlanta, GA to Derby, CT.  That's a lot of miles.  Can we get frequent driver miles from anyone?   Most people might choose to have a little scrapbook with pictures and such.  But since we're not most people, our travelogue may not look like a regular travel diary.  Judge for yourself.

Friday April 30, 2004

  • 12:30PM Mall of Georgia:   A little old lady followed by her equally old husband just has to stop by our table to remark on how cute we are because we're both sitting down propped on one leg the same way.

  • 2:45PM  Tangier Outlet:  "No, I don't want a credit card!"

  • 5:00PM  Prime Outlets - Gaffney, SC:  Uneventful (nothing bought)

  • 8:00PM  Burlington, NC:  There's a line outside Applebees???

Saturday May 1, 2004

  • 12:30PM  Potomac Mills - Dale, VA:  It's only 3 pairs of shoes!

  • 5:30PM  Somewhere between Philadelphia and Trenton NJ:  Where are we?  Ooooh!  There's a TJ Maxx!!

  • 6:15PM  Somewhere near a smelly pasture:  Wait..  This isn't New Jersey!!!

  • 7:45PM  Note to self:  Do not ever get into the left hand lane at a tollbooth.

  • 10:45PM  Ruby Tuesday:  The wine was good.  The food as a concept was good.


Creative Thoughts

Technically, for something to be heard, it needs to be expressed aloud.  Perhaps I wished someone would have heard my unspoken thoughts when I wrote these.  At any rate, these are not a reflection of my current thoughts, just feelings written down years ago.









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